What We Do

Changing the lives of orphaned children in Sierra Leone

At the Children of God Orphanage we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to assist the voiceless children of Sierra Leone in life protecting, life changing and life enhancing activities.

Due to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, the country has experienced an alarming increase in the number of orphans. This increasing group of needy and disadvantaged children has become a matter of great concern to the Children Of God Orphanage.

Often seen, these voiceless children who are homeless and living on the streets often migrate from different parts of the country due to loss of family members, poverty, and/or lack of parental care and can not afford access to food, clean water, clothing, housing or quality education.

It is the mission and vision of The Children of God Orphanage to provide shelter, clothing, food and water, medical treatment and education to this growing class of children in Sierra Leone.

Children of God Orphanage founder James Price has observed that such a burden absolutely requires sustained action at all levels from Religious Schools and Institutions, NGOs, Companies, Philanthropists, Charitable Organizations and world bodies to pool resources, and with the assistance of government, to provide basic education, training, food and shelter for these unfortunate ones.

We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow man to help the needy when and where we can. Supporting orphans in Sierra Leone is our primary objective and your donations go directly to the children and their care.   We maintain strict corporate governance and an open door policy welcoming visitors daily. Our web site serves as a transparent window to your generosity and to the lives you are touching.

James Price